Axiom introduces its first disc in Fission™ technology with the Fission™ Crave! This fairway driver stands out for its reliable, straight-stable flight characteristics, making it a perfect match for the precision-enhancing benefits of Fission™ technology. With GYRO® line-locking, the already sharp flights of the Crave are taken to new heights. Lightweight options down to 155g make the Fission™ Crave an excellent choice for players of all arm speeds, enabling precise line hits with ease.

The Crave offers controllable straight flights combined with a comfortable grip and an appealing dual-color design. When compared to MVP drivers, the Crave is akin to a seasoned Servo, providing that sought-after “worn workhorse-stable” feel. This is achieved through subtle wing contours that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide an excellent hand feel. With its stability, a wide range of available weights, and ease of throwing, the Crave is a fundamental GYRO® rig disc that should be a part of every player’s arsenal.

Weight N/A

Yellow / Red rim, Yellow / Green rim, Pink / Purple rim, White / Pink rim, Purple / Blue rim, Blue / Yellow rim, Blue / Orange rim, Peach / Green rim, Pink / Yellow rim


160-164, 165-169, 170-172, 173-175


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